‘Fleabagging’ is the new 2020 dating trend you need to stay well clear of

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With a new year, comes a new wave of tragic dating trends everyone needs to avoid like the plague. One of these is fleabagging, which most of us are probably already guilty of.

You start seeing someone, they treat you like shit so you end things. This cycle repeats over and over and over again. You can’t help but only be interested in people you know are bad for you. It’s happening – you’re fleabagging.

We’ve got ghosting, haunting, cushioning and even house planting – but those are all last year’s trends, in the new year everyone is going to be talking about fleabagging and how it is monumentally ruining their love lives.

Me when I catch myself fleabagging for the fifth time this year x

Where does the term ‘fleabagging’ come from?

The term comes off the back of the BBC show, Fleabag, created by Pheobe Waller-Bridge. The character of Fleabag just kept dating people that were completely wrong for her. For some reason she insisted on dating the nice man she lived with in series one and the hot priest in series two (nobody can blame her there, though).

Am I fleabagging?

There are two different types a fleabagger: The one that goes back to the same awful person over and over, and the one that hops between multiple horrendous people. The key thing is – they are bad. Like, really bad. If someone is too nice, a fleabagger will get the ick and not want to know.

Your typical fleabagger is a hot mess. They’ve probably been on a few dates, and with some pretty nice people that they’ve got on with quite well. They’ll come home, sit down and say something along the lines of: “Yeah they were nice we got on well” but then they will never organise to see them again.

A serial fleabagger loves the chase, they love the feeling of being with someone that isn’t right for them. It ruins their life, but they love it. In short, they’ve got a bad boy fetish.

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