There was a man lying on the floor in The Apprentice last night and here’s why

People spotted him on the boardroom floor

You probably missed there being an extra person in the boardroom on The Apprentice last night. But there was. Yep, there was a random man spotted lying in the boardroom floor towards the end of the show.

The more eagle-eyed viewers among us spotted him, and tweeted how confused they were about the mystery guest.

One tweet said: “What the hell happened in the boardroom?! Is that guy ok?”. Others seemed convinced that the person is one of this year’s candidates: 19-year-old Ryan-Mark Parsons. I mean, it does look a lot like him.

One comment said: “@ryanmarkparsons WE NEED ANSWERS. WHY ARE YOU LYING ON THE FLOOR?” and: “Ryan Mark flabbergasted at being brought back into the boardroom”. Another added: “Just us wondering why @ryanmarkparsons is lying on the floor in the boardroom?”

Then to add to the confusion, Ryan-Mark tweeted himself saying: “Happens after every Boardroom #TheApprentice”. 

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But sorry to ruin the party, the mystery floor man is not Ryan-Mark. But he was the one to clear it up. He told The Tab: “It’s a member of production pressing the play button for the adverts” – which is a lot less fun.

This week, the candidates had to rebrand Finland as a summer holiday destination. As part of the task, they were asked to create a short advertisement about travelling to the country. The man on the floor was on hand to press play when Lord Sugar asked to watch the videos produced by each team. And obviously, he’s lying on the floor so he doesn’t get in the shot. Unfortunately the crew didn’t think about the clip of them leaving the boardroom where he is quite clearly there.


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