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Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter turned down Love Island because she didn’t want to be the ‘token fat one’

Emily Clarkson got the call, but turned it down

"This week I got the call of a lifetime", Emily Clarkson said.

She'd got the call from Love Island, asking if she wanted to be on the show. For every wannabe Dani Dyer or Molly Mae Hague, this would be a dream come true, but not for Emily.

The 25-year-old daughter of Jeremy Clarkson turned down the opportunity to appear on the show because she didn't want to be "the token fat one". Emily said: "I turned it down because I know that all that glitters is most certainly not gold, and no amount of Range Rover Sports would see me sell my soul to this particular devil."

"Did I want to trade my boyfriend of eight years for a sunshine holiday and the chance to make millions?"

An ITV producer asked Emily is she was single, and interested in appearing on the next series of Love Island. If she wasn't single, would she dump her boyfriend for the opportunity, the producer asked.

The producer told Emily that of the 85,000 applicants they get every year, they look for something a bit "different".

Emily said: "I think the producer was trying to tell me that what they wanted was someone not quite as fit as the rest of them, but a bit smarter. No offence."

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Candid x

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"I'd be an easy target with my stomach rolls and heat rash"

Emily said that she thinks she'd make the show "all too real", and this is why she thinks the show will never change.

"Despite being a slim (ish), young, blonde woman, I cannot image anywhere I'd feel lest at home than in the Love Island villa, where the women wear next to nothing and flaunt their (often) surgically enhanced bodies."

Love Island has come under massive scrutiny for its issues with diversity. The Love Island bosses previously claimed the cast won't be attracted to plus-size contestants.

Emily compared watching Love Island to playing The Sims, saying it’s enjoyable to watch because the contestants are "SO perfect". Emily added she rarely wears make up, lives in scruffy clothes and hardly ever brushes her hair.

Emily is an advocate for body positivity, stating on her Instagram: "We’ve long since been fed this bullshit narrative that we ought to invest it all into our appearance; both physically and emotionally. My entire teenage years were dominated by this overwhelming pressure to look good and portray myself well."

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Soft and strong, like good bog roll ???

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"I honestly don't know how I'd be able to not throw someone in the pool for asking 'What's Brexit??'"

For many, this call would've been a dream come true, but not for Emily Clarkson, who said she "had to turn it down."

Emily acknowledged that the British public has been fierce to past Love Island contestants, and that trolling has been a major issue for Love Island contestants.

This summer contestant Harley was trending on Twitter with people mocking her mouth and eyebrows, and just this past week Molly Mae Hague made headlines with the public ripping into her for a dinner that she made Tommy Fury.

Emily said: "At the end of the day, it’s a looks-based show. And I got picked last for sports teams enough times to know the humiliation of not being chosen. That’s not something I want to relive in front of the ruthless British public."

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