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Love Island USA is coming to ITV next week

Summer isn’t over MUM

The inaugural series of Love Island USA will be arriving on ITVBe next week.

From September 22nd (that's THIS SUNDAY guys), the US Love Island will be airing its 22 episodes every night. Arielle Vandenberg is on hosting duties, while Matthew Hoffman will be narrating.

The very first series of Love Island in the UK drew in 500,000 viewers. The US version pulled in a staggering 2.6 million. American broadcaster CBS has obviously commissioned a second season off the back of the show's success.

This means you can basically watch Love Island all year round, since the fabled winter series kicks off in the UK early next year.

There is some bad news: For some reason the show will be airing around midnight every night it's on. So you'll probably just stream it in your own time.

The cast of the American version largely features the same brand of eye-meltingly fit wannabe influencers we're used to in the UK. If you want to see them all neatly listed and pictured, you can do so here.

They have names like Cashel, Mallory, Krya, and Weston.

The US series was basically unwatchable during its original run, and the whole world scrambled around frantically for a streaming link.

The UK Islanders are used to the sunny vibes of Mallorca, but the US budget is clearly a bit more robust: The US version is filmed in a idyllic villa in actual fucking Fiji. Jesus Christ.

You can see pictures of the villa here. It's really nice. You're welcome.

Love Island USA airs at midnight on Sunday, the second episode will follow on Monday at 1am.

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