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You’ll never guess how much these Edinburgh flats cost during the Fringe

Do you want that £1,869 in cash or?

Living in and around Edinburgh during the month of August is a nightmare. As the Fringe festival descends on the city, a five minute bus journey takes an hour, the streets are constantly packed and you take every coffee to go as there's no point in even trying to find a seat. Anywhere.

What's not a nightmare however is having a flat in Edinburgh to rent out at extortionate prices to tourists and artists who have no option but to pay for it. Whether you've got a bungalow or a box room, someone will pay often thousands of pounds during the Fringe to live in it.

Location: Marchmont

Size: Three bedrooms

Price: £1,569 per week

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If you're looking for a flat with optimum possibility for bonding experiences, this is the one for you. With the kitchen, living room and dining room all in one, you'd better hope you don't fall out with one another.

It doesn't look awful, but at a whopping £208 per night you'd expect at least one item of furniture to be gold plated. The website boasts a fireplace, but with so many bodies in close proximity you will not need it. If anything you'd need a fan, which it does not have.

The double shower curtain does mean you could make a dramatic exit from the shower every time you had a wash, but for all it's worth you can buy that for your own home for about one per cent of the price.

Location: Fountainbridge

Size: One bedroom

Price: £1,484 per week

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The owner of this flat might want to think about doing a bit of rebranding, as "quite bright apartment" doesn't quite have that wow factor.

This flat would inevitably lead to fights over who gets the actual bedroom and who has to figure out the fold-out bed after stumbling home post-show.

It does have a cute garden which would be nice for sunny days, although these are few and far between so it's probably not worth it just for that. The lack of photos of the kitchen also heavily implies they might have something to hide??

Location: Newington

Size: Three bedrooms

Price: £1,631 per week

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The location of this flat is pretty decent, but only if you're willing to deal with the fact it looks like everyone's gran's house.

It's a rare find to find somewhere with three actual bedrooms and three actual beds, as Fringe tenancy seems to be to stick fold-outs anywhere and everywhere they'll fit. Props to them for that.

If you're loaded and don't mind waking to offensive wallpaper then this might be a decent shout. If you're normal and can't afford to pay £233 a night for literally anywhere, steer clear.

Location: New Town

Size: Two bedrooms

Price: £1,260 per week

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This is not a bad location, nor does it look like a bad flat. If the photos aren't lying, which they very easily could be, it's got a nice view of the castle from the door and lots of bars and restaurants nearby.

Considering there's not much in each room it's pretty hard to criticise, a very tactical move from the owners. However, after a heavy night that shower curtain might just be vom inducing.

It's at the lower end of ridiculously expensive at £180 a night, with two double rooms. The living space looks pretty large, so there's lots of room for activities. It's like nice halls prices, which is still bloody expensive.

Location: Marchmont

Size: Four bedrooms

Price: £1,246 per week

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This looks like a student, from any uni up and down the country, got up and left it about two seconds ago. At least if you decide to visit the Fringe with every box-file and notebook you've ever had, you'll have adequate space to store them.

If you're in any way claustrophobic, be sure to seek out a nearby toilet, as that one will not be for you. There's also no communal room, but fear not, one of the rooms has an uncomfortable looking blue chair that your pals can perch on the end of. Ideal.

Anyone looking for some overpriced flashbacks to their uni days will love this one. You might want to move the bin if you actually intend on having a functioning kitchen and cupboards though.

Location: Newington

Size: Three bedrooms

Price: £1,820 per week

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Nothing will make you feel more patriotic than a bit of tartan carpet. It's a dark colour too, perfect for hiding stains you'll inevitably make while sipping whisky and shoving haggis down your throat.

The price of this flat is pretty horrendous and unjustified. The bedrooms are tiny, well the two that are shown, the third will remain a mystery until you physically arrive. It has neither Wi-Fi nor a carbon monoxide meter!

It's advertised as "central accomadation", spellcheck obviously failed the owner. There are also no reviews on it, which is always the number one sign you should stay away, especially when this place will set you back £260 a night.

Location: Fountainbridge

Size: Three bedrooms

Price: £1,820 per week

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Who doesn't love a bright yellow bedsheet? Especially when you can go from that bright yellow bedsheet to a fish covered shower curtain. A feast for the eyes.

It's difficult to see what made this owner think their property was worth £1,820 a week. The sofa looks like it's been passed down through about five generations and the bedrooms barely have space to move in.

Potentially the only redeeming factor is that New York skyline coffee table, because who doesn't want to go to the Fringe and feel like they're in a teenage boy's bedroom?

Location: West Nicholson Street

Size: Two bedrooms

Price: £1,869

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Who doesn't want to go on holiday and feel like they're in hospital? Clinical white and blue, ooh, chills.

If you can get past the idea of being in a hospital waiting room then the rooms are pretty decent, and the living room looks a perfect size for pres.

It's location is reflected in the price, so if you intend on going to any shows, eating literally anything or having a pint while at the Fringe, don't spend your pennies here.

Location: Bruntsfield

Size: Three bedrooms

Price: £1,295 per week

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Getting Legally Blonde vibes.

This looks like just about ever decent flat in Edinburgh; wooden floors, high ceilings and windows with shutters that probably don't close effectively.

Apparently this one has a portably Wi-Fi box for all your internet needs, so you can take it out around the Fringe with you, get it nicked then pay a fine. Holiday made.

Location: Fountainbridge

Size: One bedroom

Price: £1,155

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Now this looks pretty swanky, especially if you like an IKEA showroom kind of vibe.

For £165 a night it's still hella pricey, but at least you'd be sitting in an aesthetically pleasing flat while you're staying in too broke to do anything else.

It's a classic case of someone trying get more bang for their buck by throwing a sofa bed in and saying a one bedroom flat sleeps four. Since the sofa bed is in the kitchen you can be soothed to sleep by the lilting rhythm of the dishwasher.

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