How much money are students at your uni REALLY getting from Daddy? A ranking

Knew it all along

We all know them. The mate who pretends to be broke, never chips in to taxis, never does any work, but somehow also manages to never run out of money.

Are they running a bitcoin farm from their room? Probably not. More likely, they're getting a funnel of money straight from Surrey to their bank account.

Well, now, you can figure out how much (on average). Weed them out. Natwest have surveyed students and found out.

Oxford. St Andrews. Durham. No surprises at the top of the table.

But, in a big upset, Southampton are up there as the fourth uni where students are getting more than £300 a month from their parents.

At the other end are Plymouth, Belfast, and Hull, with students presumably disowned once they tell their parents they're going to any of those.

How much money are students at your uni getting per month from their parents?

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