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The subjects everyone’s dropping out of, revealed and roasted

This will make you feel good about yourself

Nearly one in 10 computer science students don't make it to the end of their degree, according to new figures.

This puts them at the top of the table when it comes to subjects with the highest drop-out rates. Hot on their rapidly-departing heels are business students, with 7.4 per cent dropping out.

We know which unis everyone's dropping out of, but now data from stats boffins HESA reveals which subjects students are struggling to finish.

At the other end of things, medics and physical sciences students drop out the least. By far and away most likely to stick with it, only 1.5 per cent of medics, vets and dentists drop out.

How does your subject rank? Find out below:

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Most students consider dropping out in second year, according to a survey by

Students cited a lack of value for money as the main reason for wanting to quit, followed by not enjoying the subject and not learning enough practical skills.

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