Take a peep at the richest unis on the block

A handful of unis get a BILLION pounds a year

Oxbridge, UCL, Manchester, and Imperial all had incomes of over a billion pounds last year.

Topping the table of cash-rich unis are Oxford, who raked in over £2 billion in 2017/18.

Creeping into the top 50 are Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and City, University of London.

Compiled by uni data nerds HESA, the total income is made up of cash from teaching, research and a few other bits.

Obviously unis do spend a lot and have big investments and endowments, so this isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to figuring out how much is lurking away on a uni’s balance sheet.

But it’s a pretty stark reminder of how big universities have become. For context, Greggs had an income of just over £1 billion in 2018.

Did your uni make the cut? Check out the table below:

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