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It’s official: This is the fittest uni girl in the UK right now

Over 7,000 of you voted

The boys have had their time, but they can go back to their corner now. We've arrived at the summit of fit, the crème de la crème, the Mona Lisa at the heart of the Louvre – we've found the three fittest uni girls in the UK.

And you know what? They all go to Birmingham. Wait – please don't go.

You have to understand, we held a vote and there were some stunners in there. Ladies stepped up from Royal Holloway, Newcastle, Exeter, Aberdeen, Durham, and Lancaster, but mostly Royal Holloway. But there's not a lot you can do once Fab N Fresh (the Birmingham Uni Facebook group) mobilises, and from there it was a done deal. We spoke to the girls to ask how they're processing such big news. Be warned – their chat is dire.

Third place: Isabel Stocks, Birmingham

Isabel was surprised to be voted the third fittest uni girl in the country, netting 690 votes.

"I'm very surprised," she told The Tab. "I didn't know I'd been entered into the competition." Illuminating stuff.

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Those hills look grim, let's be real

She's not had any DMs because of it, but told The Tab she's single and open for any that might fly her way.

Second place: Alyx Emmot, Birmingham

Alyx is from Wales and her name is spelled wrong, and she honestly didn't say much else.

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What a nice lamp

Clearly dizzied by the ludicrousness of being the second fittest uni girl in the country. She told The Tab: "That's so funny! It's an absolute honour, made the family SO proud. DMs are full and gained a tremendous amount of Insta followers. Absolutely buzzing! What more could I ask for?

"Yes, I'm still very much single."

First place: Danika Patel, Birmingham

Danika rounds out the top three to make it a clean sweep for Birmingham University. Despite snagging 12 per cent of the vote, Danika has been single for 20 years (geddit? She's 20).

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Truly a victory for nose rings everywhere

To the loyal 885 voters who spurred her on to victory, Danika said: "OMG thank you so much."

You heard it here first.

Focus on any part of this picture's background and you'll know what true grimness is

Danika told The Tab she couldn't believe so many people voted for her, but also admitted she'd had no DMs since her meteoric rise to fame and fitness.

She's still single, by the way, so if her excellent chat has swayed you maybe you'll catch her at Snobs, or maybe you won't. The possibilities are endless.

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Enjoy the money, Danika (there is no money)

The full breakdown

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Fourth place was also a Birmingham student, go figure

And so concludes another year of obscenely attractive people.

Congratulations to Danika and, most importantly, to Fab N Fresh, for proving that Birmingham is indeed fit.

Check out the boys' result, in which an actual Lancaster student somehow managed to scoop more votes than second and third place put together.

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