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There are eight types of fit people in this world, take this quiz to see which one you are

Hot damn

My mum once told me everyone is unique and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This was a lie. Because in this world of superficiality, everyone can objectively agree that some people are just born fit and these fit people can be neatly packaged into eight distinct categories. And I'm sorry mum, no matter how much you tried to shelter me, I learned this the hard way.

Some people are 'edgy' fit because the clothes they wear just make them a lot cooler. The 'posh' fit people usually have incredible hair and accents. What about the people who you don't normally notice, but the more you get to know, the more fit they become? Yeah they're the 'unexpected' type of fit.

Evidently, there isn't a universal definition of fit, but in fact there are different categories. And we've managed to condense them into eight. No more, no less.

Find out which type of fit you are, to learn more about your natural strengths and capitalise on them: