How the world reacted to the Michael Jackson documentary #LeavingNeverland

Some people are saying victims ‘have been paid to lie’

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Last night a controversial new documentary aired on Channel 4, which accused Michael Jackson of sexually and emotionally abusing young boys. And the Leaving Neverland reactions have completely divided the nation.

Leaving Neverland is a documentary based on interviews with Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who were close with Jackson at a young age. Both men go into graphic detail about the alleged sexual abuse which took place. The documentary focuses on how the two young boys met and got close to Michael Jackson and what happened after. Their families are also interviewed.

Wade Robson said Jackson told him they would both “go to jail for the rest of our lives” if Robson revealed what Jackson had done

On the one hand people are shocked by the accusations, fully believing the two victims were continuously abused. While others think there isn't enough evidence to prove Michael Jackson is guilty.

These are people's Leaving Neverland reactions:

"I do know it is not normal for a man to sleep in the same bed as multiple strange kids over a long period of time"

"How can anyone defend a 44 year-old man in a position of power?"

"As a child sex abuse survivor, I know feeling of being horrified anyone would find out uncle was making me do 'things' with him"

"This video of Michael Jackson holding hands with a child fan and talking about sleeping in the same bed is not weird AT ALL"

"Imagine a bloke with a semi detached and a set of swings having kids' parties. You'd want him dead."

"If you think Michael Jackson is innocent, then congratulations, you've just experienced first hand how pedophiles get away with it…"

"How a Michael Jackson fan watches Leaving Neverland"

Some viewers reacted strongly against the parents, not understanding "why a mother would allow their child to sleep in the same bed as a grown man who is effectively a stranger"

People spotted a similarity in the abuse and grooming which was seen in Netflix's Abducted In Plain Sight:

"There is no denying that Jackson had an unhealthy obsession with children"

"MJ fans questioning why these men didn't speak up when they were little boys? Can you even begin to imagine the fear they must have felt?"

But many are convinced Michael Jackson is innocent, saying there's not enough evidence to prove otherwise and that victims are "speaking out" for money. These are their Leaving Neverland reactions:

"Having worked with survivors of emotional and sexual abuse for over 10 years, I'm finding #LeavingNeverland difficult to watch. Not because of what they're saying, it's how they say it. Something doesn't feel right. Something doesn't add up"

"This is four hours of drone footage, dim lighting and dramatic fluff… where is the evidence? I can't believe this"

"So Wade Robson voluntarily testified under oath for Michael Jackson in 1993 and in the 2005 trial, he said nothing ever happened and Michael never touched him anywhere"

"Again why would you keep jewellery that you got rewarded for when you were 'abused', what the actual fuck in all honesty"

"I was expecting hard evidence backed up by irrefutable facts the way everyone's been going on. So far it's two blokes who have already been publicly outed for lying in the trial under oath tell their stories and looking sad at the camera"

"The only person exploited in the life of Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson"

What do you think about the Leaving Neverland reactions?

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