What to expect from part two of the Leaving Neverland documentary

It airs on Channel 4 tonight

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Right now, everyone is talking about the controversial documentary about Michael Jackson, Leaving Neverland. Part one of the show aired last night on Channel 4 at 9pm, and introduced the stories of two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck – both say they were sexually abused as boys by Michael Jackson. The fist episode has divided opinion, and had mixed reactions – with some saying victims have been 'paid to lie'. Leaving Neverland part 2 airs tonight, and it focuses more on the court cases against Jackson. Here is everything to expect in the second episode of Leaving Neverland.


Wade Robson with Michael Jackson in a still from Leaving Neverland

What is Leaving Neverland part 2 about?

In the second episode of Leaving Neverland, both boys, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, have grown older and Michael Jackson has moved on from them. The stories are far from over though, as the men describe their lives after their alleged ordeals with the King of Pop. In the second episode, we also meet some new members of the story – including both Wade and James' wives, Amanda and Laura. The doc looks more into the family lives of the men, and how they both went on to become fathers.

Leaving Neverland part 2 also looks at how the men were affected in the years after the alleged abuse. James Safechuck described how he was left hating himself, and that he suffered a lot with depression. Robson also suffered with depression.

James Safechuck in Leaving Neverland

The men also address one key point that has been raised by many fans defending Michael Jackson: Why did both men previously testify in court that the singer had never abused them? The men said they felt pressured to defend Jackson. Robson said what Jackson had told him at the time was a big factor as to why he never admitted anything in court. He recalls Jackson had said: "If anyone ever found out that we were doing any of these sort of things, these sexual things, that he and I would go to jail for the rest of our lives. It was terrifying."

James Safechuck said he rehearsed a law enforcement interview with Jackson's lawyers. Whatever the police said, he was instructed to say "no", so they would have nothing to go with.

We learn in part two about the charges that were brought in 2003. Jackson asked Safechuck to testify for him again, but Safechuck said that he "didn't want to be involved". Safechuck then alleges that Jackson threatened him over his refusal to testify, saying he had the best lawyers in the world. Jackson asked him to testify again, but Safechuck still refused. James Safechuck said this is the last time he and Jackson spoke.

Wade Robson however did testify in 2003. He said he wishes he had been in the place where he was able to tell the truth. He said his "life would be over" if all of his family, and his then future wife, found out what had really happened to him.

Wade Robson in Leaving Neverland

Jackson was found not guilty, and died four years later. We learn that James Safechuck's mum, Stephanie Safechuck, danced when she heard of his death. She said in the documentary: "Oh thank God, he can’t hurt any more children! Those were my thoughts. And I danced."

Then the documentary addresses more about Robson's depression. This was after he had some success with his career. He said it was after he had been hired to direct a big budget feature film, and he withdrew from his work as a result. He saw a therapist, and began to talk about his abuse. The day he told his therapist, he also told his family. For five months after this, Robson's wife wouldn't allow his mother, Joy Robson, into their house.

Amanda Robson said: "The abuse was a bomb that dropped in our life and exploded. "[It] ripped apart everything that we found sound and secure and safe."

When does Leaving Neverland part 2 air?

Leaving Neverland part two will be shown on Channel 4 tonight (Thursday 7th March) at 9pm. It will then be available to watch on demand.

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