OMG!!! You can now buy ‘Fiat 500 girl’ t-shirts so shut up and take my money

There’s only a few left…

Being a Fiat 500 girl isn’t just moaning about boys on Twitter and Missguided packages not being delivered on time. It’s a lifestyle. And to accompany that very basic lifestyle, you can now buy yourself (or your equally basic friend) a Fiat 500 girl t-shirt!!!

You can buy a Fiat 500 girl t-shirt for £15 (including postage!!!!) here. Act fast though- there’s only a few t-shirts left.

 FINAL SALE – get the Fiat 500 girl BEFORE 10PM TONIGHT

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The top says “Fiat 500 girl” across the front, as shown

You can get your fave Fiat 500 girl a Fiat 500 girl t-shirt in 3-5 days by ordering it from here.

FLASH £15 SALE – buy your t-shirt here

The white crew neck t-shirt with short sleeves will go with any outfit. And it’s really soft because it’s made out of 100 per cent ringspun cotton.

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The t-shirts are available in small, medium and large sizes.

Plus, they’re eco-friendly and there are no sweatshops involved. So now you can be basic and woke at the same time!!!

FINAL SALE – Order before 10pm on 18th Dec to get before Christmas

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FINAL £15 SALE – Order a Fiat 500 girl t-shirt BEFORE 10PM 18TH DEC

The t-shirts are not officially affiliated with Fiat. Hurry while stocks last x

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