How to change the font on your Instagram bio

It’s so easy to do and looks beaut

Everyone's trying to make their Instagram look different to stand out. Some people are going with a 90s vibe using Huji and others are using a VHS filter to make their videos look vintage. You also have those super aesthetic people who edit their photos within an inch of their life. But what if you could make your Instagram different without editing any photos, and instead stand out by changing your Instagram bio font?

The words you choose just aren't enough anymore in the Instagram world, you have to think outside the box, like changing the font of your Instagram bio. But how do you change the font of your Instagram bio? And why isn't there an option on Instagram to do so?

There are many Instagram hacks like how to get a blue tick, how Instagram ranks story viewers, how to view someone's story without them seeing, how to save posts and how to get someone to see your story first, but how do you change the font on your Instagram bio and add custom emojis?

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Firstly, find an Instagram font generator

Simply Google search "Instagram font generator", and click any that come up in search, like this one.

Type whatever word you want a different font for to include in your bio.

Then, it will then come up with numerous different fonts for you to choose from, like below:

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A selection of different fonts to choose from for your Instagram bio

There's around 130 different fonts to choose from. Some look like old-fashioned cursive hand writing and others look like a typewriter. Whatever you had in mind you can probably find. Others have emojis already attached to them and fancy boarders.

Not only can you choose a different font but you can also choose custom emojis and symbols by going to a website like this. Dani Dyer uses Instagram fonts in her bio, with two little hearts around her name – how cutesie.

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Dani Dyer uses custom fonts and emojis in her bio

Copy and paste the font into your bio

Pick your favourite and copy and paste it into your Instagram bio so it will look something like this:

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Creating a font for your bio changes how your Insta profile looks

You can do this to any section of your Instagram and make your profile different to anyone else's – it's super simple.

Can I change the font of my Instagram bio in Instagram?

Unfortunately, no you can't. They created font options for Instagram stories but are yet to give you the option of changing your font in your bio directly through Instagram.

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