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How to make your Instagram posts look like an old video recording

The VHS filter is going to be the new Huji

Alongside Huji, the filter which adds an orange, blue, red and yellow filter to your pictures and makes everyone look beautiful, there's another editing app which is all over Instagram this summer.

But unlike tanned, warm and fuzzy Huji, this app makes you look grainy and a bit blurry – but in a hot way.

Sticking with the 90s vintage theme, people are uploading videos and pictures which look like they've been taken on an old retro video-recorder.

Camcorder and VHS Cam allow you to take a video in the style of a VHS recording. The video or picture is filtered and made slightly blurry. It looks like you took the photo 20 years ago, but the date and time stamp in the bottom left is a giveaway it was actually taken in 2018.

Celebrities including Made in Chelsea's Frankie Gaff, Proudlock's girlfriend and model Emma Louise Connolly and Kylie Jenner are all fans of the VHS look.

This is how to make your Instagram pictures and videos look like a VHS:

1. Go to the App Store and search in VHS cam

Loads of options come up, but Camcorder and VHS Cam are too apps which are free and easy to use.

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Some apps give you a three day trial, others will require you to subscribe and pay a monthly fee. Subscribing usually means you can import pictures already on your camera roll to upload to the app and be made into the 90s filter.

2. How to use Camcorder

Camcorder is just for filming in the VHS style. You can also upload videos from your camera roll to the app for free, and convert them into the filter.

To take a video, hit the big red button (obviously, but labelled with a yellow arrow to avoid any confusion).

How to take a video in an old VHS style

If you want to upload a video you've already taken, press the landscape icon to access your camera roll (green arrow).

The colour of the filter is slightly grey and makes you look a bit grey, as showcased below:

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This is how the video will look

The time and date is already preset in the corner, and there's a glitch effect throughout the video to make it seem like your video recorder is about to break down – authentic right!

3. How to take a photo in the VHS style

Other apps, like VHS Cam, allow you to take photos as well as videos in the vintage style. However, in VHS Cam, if the photo is taken in selfie mode the time and date stamp are flipped so end up looking upside down on your picture, which quite frankly looks a lil bit silly and not what you were hoping for:

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The stamps will flip when taken in selfie mode in VHS Cam

If the picture is taken with the front camera, meaning your mate will have to get involved or it's bathroom selfie time, the stamps will stay in the right place:

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In VHS Cam, the stamps will stay the right way up if the picture is taken with the front camera

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