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‘Pineapple Boobs’: Hopefully the final Instagram trend you’ll see this year

When will it end

Let's recap all the Instagram trends we've seen on our feeds this summer: there's been Barbie Feet, the Pushback and the Baby Giraffe. But there's one more pose which has appeared and is making us cling on to the end of summer, and that's "Pineapple Boobs".

Not so much of a pose, but more a positioning of fruit over your tits, Pineapple Boobs is the final position you need to master before we officially get the coats out from the back of the wardrobe and say it's winter.

And to be honest, out of all the poses which have graced our Instagram feeds in 2018, this is probably the easiest.

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What are Pineapple Boobs?

According to The Sun, "the trend sees Instagram users posing topless with pineapples in front of their boob", and "from celebs to bloggers, social media is going wild for it."

People are so into Pineapple Boobs, there's even an Instagram dedicated to pictures of women placing pineapples over their boobs in sunny locations.

And it's not just pineapples which you can place over your lady lumps. You can put any fruit you like of all shapes and sizes, depending on how much of your breasts you want covered. Peaches, coconuts, melons, lychee – you can pick your favourite five-a-day as a replacement for a bikini top.

How do you do the Pineapple Boob pose?

Step one: Be in a beautiful, probably tropical location like a beach, by a waterfall, Bali, some kind of jungle, a five star hotel – wherever you like, as long as it's not the UK.

Step two: Locate two pineapples of any size you like.

Step three: Place the pineapples over your naked boobs so they are covered, and deploy your best plandid pose e.g. laughing at nothing, looking down at the pineapples, walking over to someone – anything which suggests this is a totally normal thing to do.

Step four: Take the pic.

It's as easy as that.

Who's doing Pineapple Boobs?

Pineapple Boobs are understandably loved by bloggers because they make any picture look aesthetic af – guaranteed 100+ likes. But models like Mathilde Tantot and even Sophie from Geordie Shore have been getting on board.

So if you're off on holiday before autumn sets in, make sure Pineapple Boobs, alongside Barbie Feet, Baby Giraffe and the Pushback, is the pose you're posting on your Instagram.

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