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If you want to save British television, then vote for Love Island’s Dr Alex and Alexandra

Hear me out

Yesterday's episode of Love Island saw the split of Dr Alex and Alexandra three days before the final. Dr Alex admitted he just couldn't see their relationship going anywhere, so she savagely called him "pathetic".

But even though they've split, we should all vote for Dr Alex and Alexandra. Just hear me out on this – if we vote for Dr Alex and Alexandra, we can create our own amazing drama on ITV, which so far, has been severely lacking.

Voting for Alexandra could – and I know it's rogue – mean that when they are asked whether they want to keep or split the £50,000 at the end, she could take all the money for herself (permitted she's given the power to decide). It's genius.

It would the biggest FUCK YOU of Love Island and relationship history

She could empower us all with the dignity we feel we lose when we break up with someone. Best of all, winning would insult the guy we hated throughout the entire season the most, and his whiny ass would be served up as roasted as his pride. There would be nothing she couldn't achieve if she won.

Her honest personality never matched Dr Alex's

Her honesty was unparalleled to Dr Alex's changing opinions of her, like when he didn't like her one episode but then magically decided he was going to make her the love of his life the next. Even last night, he didn't dare fear death and answer back when she told him "you haven't tried, I've tried."

He even had the audacity to tell Ellie she wasn't showing enough affection when they first coupled up, and now is rejecting Alexandra for the same reason?? It doesn't add up??

Out of all the girls, she's actually made the most effort in the Hideaway and for her man

Think back to all those episodes where she's got her make-up done and her pretty lingerie, her body all fire. She's even made out with Megan in a Giggs video to further show off her sexiness. None of the other girls in the season have made the same effort as her, and it's shameful that Alex didn't have the decency to give a fuck.

Alexandra is actually just a lovely girl with BDE

A pleasure to be around, she's always cracked a smile and made situations lighter with her lovely self. The girls-girl with Big Dick Energy is the one you can always count on to hold your hair up, a spare tampon, the girl who has her shit together.

She deserves the money purely for doing Dr Alex a favour when he couldn't stand to be alone

We're getting behind her because we just can't stand the thought of him having any victory in this. Him and Adam have the nickname 'cockroach' for a reason girls, because they're hard to get rid of. Alexandra went one step further and stood his on ego with her "shame on you" slam.

On a sly note, she's also not being investigated by Ofcom and wouldn't ever hurt a fly

Dr Alex put her hand down his pants and a viewer complained because all Alexandra wanted was a snug. He is now facing investigation by Ofcom for his shitty move and we could all tell she was really weirded out behind the laughter telling the other girls. If this were America, I would sue.

Her dedication to her habits make her so much more relatable

The noodles. Let's just talk about it. She has always turned to noodles throughout the season for comfort when everything was going to shit, or as the best pre-goss snack. Pot Noodles, if you don't make her an ambassador, I don't know what you're doing.

Tonight might be the internal vote, but we all need to support Alexandra for who she is, a great gal and she doesn't deserve any of Dr Alex's shit. They'll be plenty more waiting for her when she leaves the villa with her £50,000.

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