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This is how you can apply for Love Island 2019 right now

Don’t mug yourself

Don't deny it. You want to apply for Love Island 2019. Sure, this year's series has dragged. Maybe that's because the producers haven't shaken things up enough. Perhaps it's because Dr Alex has been ruining it.

Really, though, it's because you haven't been on it. Let's fix that.

Applications are now open for Love Island 2019.

The form is here, and you've got until April 30th.

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86,000 people applied last year, and you've obviously heard more people are gonna do this than apply to Oxford and Cambridge – whether that's a very deep comment about society or an entirely silly comparison. What are you waiting for?

There are a few conditions, though. You'll need to be available for eight weeks in a row, with no other commitments, and have a valid passport.

Plus, if someone you live with or a close relative works for ITV you can't apply. Or if you've ever worked for ITV.

Will you succeed? Who knows, given the revelation from one islander that most of this year's cast were approached by the producers. Plus, there are claims that the cast is split 50:50 between people who apply and who are scouted.

Anyway, get on it.