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Who will Alexandra pick in the recoupling tonight?

Please be Alex please be Alex

After last night's Love Island left us with an unbelievably cruel cliffhanger ending, we now have to wait until tonight to find out: who will Alexandra pick on Love Island?

But I know you don't want to wait until then to find out, so why not analyse the situation to guess who she's going to pick! And you can vote for you think she will pick! Isn't that fun!

Who leaves Love Island?

So here are the choices: Dr Alex, Idris the boxer or Kieran the personal trainer. Newbie Alexandra Cane can pick one boy to save, the other two will be dumped from the Island and leave the villa immediately (say it in Caroline Flack's voice).

Does Alex leave Love Island?

This is the question on everyone's lips, and the answer is yes he could leave. Because his safety net Samira left the Love Island villa, that means Alex has to be chosen by new girl Alexandra, or else he will leave the villa tonight along with another boy.

Who does Alexandra pick?

Whether you're sure of Alexandra's savvy Love Island tactics and rest assured that she will obviously pick Dr Alex, or if you're a cynic who believes she might ruin her own life by choosing a pretend boxer who slides into literally everyone's DMs, here's a run down of their encounters so far to help you decide. Vote for your favourite, obviously.