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The results are in: These are the most try-hard unis in the country

Your votes have been counted


We asked you to vote for the most try-hard university in the United Kingdom.

So we can now reveal that with 25 per cent share of the vote, the most try-hard uni is Bristol University. Shocking, I know.

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Bristol students are renowned for looking dishevelled all the time, just to cover up the shame of their parents voting for Brexit. Now that they’ve been crowned as the most try-hard uni, maybe they’ll realise glitter isn’t a replacement for an actual personality.

Leeds came second with 11.49 per cent of the total vote. Clearly, Bristol’s glitter game is just that much better, but Leeds still got recognised for their efforts of being a try-hard uni.

Trailing behind Leeds, the North Face jacket wearing students of Manchester were in third place with 10.14 per cent of the total vote.

The two most boring unis of the country tied in fourth. Durham and Warwick got 8.11 per cent of the vote each. The two Oxbridge reject unis are still trying to convince themselves they’re in the same league.

Cambridge was fifth with 6.42 per cent of the total vote and it’s not surprising, considering Cambridge students have been trying hard their whole life to get into the best British university in the world. They want you to know it and they make you feel guilty and worthless.

Here are the results in full:

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