Rudimental Presents: Funkystepz

JOHN BARDSLEY struggles to explain how good this student clubnight was.

Fez Club, Sunday 6th May, £3 before 11pm

Organising a great club night doesn’t need to be difficult. Just take some of the best DJs Cambridge has to offer, throw in a big name headliner and make sure the drinks are cheap. It seems amazing then that Rudimental is one of the few nightlife collectives in Cambridge that gets how to pull this off.

That’s not to say it was simple though. Fantastic visuals, sharp mixing and the two MCs, Campus Vybz and Mumblz kept the energy pulsing through the dancefloor. You wouldn’t have thought this was Cambridge. It was more like an East London warehouse party.

Whilst the moronic masses were sweating away their souls in Life or Cindies, a great group of people that actually wanted to go clubbing were having the time of their lives. Even those that were sceptical about going to a night about bass music were on the dancefloor getting low and demanding rewinds from the DJ- it’s not only ‘hipsters’ that can enjoy alternative music.  Nor did the atmosphere feel pretentious- it was really inclusive for both the bass music aficionado and people looking to try something new.

The student DJs were tearing it up: Cryptix, Aliboo, Napper, Lumi and Datwan showing that they can easily match the pros. It would be pretty pointless naming loads of tunes; everything that dropped seemed to be an absolute monster. Joy Orbison’s Froth and the jungle classic Original Nuttah had a pretty special place in my heart though.

There was never really any doubt that Funkystepz would deliver a quality set. Labels like Hyperdub only sign then best. He played a devastating mix of tunes that made the dancefloor explode. Eyebrows were raised when We Found Love came on. They were soon back in position when people realised it was the Funkystepz remix- one of the best surprises of the night.

This event surpassed all my expectations- it was definitely the best student night I’ve experienced in Cambridge. If the enthusiasm and talent of the students behind it is anything to go by, Rudimental will be a major force in the Cambridge nightlife scene for a good few years to come.

  • Ooohh

    East London warehouse party?… LOOVEE MY LIFE AS A DICKHEEEADDDD!

    • OiOiOiOi

      John, have you ever been to a warehouse party? They happen in warehouses, not in Fez.

      • NOiOiOiOi

        When he uses the term 'more like' he is establishing the function of this particular unit of language as a simile. A simile is when you compare one thing to another, suggesting similarity but not sameness. But still, I admire your levels of perception in both observing and understanding that warehouse parties, by their very nature, occur in warehouses.

        Illuminating and accomplished,
        Thank you good sir.

  • He speaks the truth

    gargantuan night

  • phuqwhatyouheard

    like this funkystepz mix

  • Sam

    I can't believe I didn't go to this, fuck



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