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An important, honest and much needed A-Z guide to the University of York

Here’s everything they don’t, but should, include in the prospectus

York has been voted the ‘most liked’ city in UK

Yet another study that says we’re the best

York student jailed for sexual assault committed on university campus

His victim has said the University of York does not support victims of sexual assault

York will pay for graduation gowns as compensation for the lecturer strikes

Striking staff’s withheld pay will be used to fund students’ graduation gowns

York rated Gold in TEF

We have that undergrad teaching excellence

York has ranked 12th in The Guardian’s new university league table

YSJ remains in 119th place

This fresher invited Theresa May to his end of year party and she actually responded

There aint no party like a Conservative party…maybe…

The Vengaboys have been announced as the final Big D headliner

They like to party!

York is one of the best Unis for student satisfaction

Big up York

Revealed: The gender pay gap at the University of York

If you think the gender pay gap is bad at UoY, wait until you hear what it is at YSJ

York has broken yet another world record – and this time for gin…

…and this is something we should be proud of!

What it’s really like to be a non-drinker at university

Yes, we exist

York is officially the best place to live in the UK

Tell us something we don’t know

Tory MP Liz Truss ‘not interested in a genuine conversation’ during visit to Hes Hall occupiers

The occupiers released a statement regarding the politician’s visit today

41 things you should under no circumstances do at The University of York

Please drop out if you’ve done any more than three of these, you reprobate

If the characters in Friends went to York, which college would each of them be in?

They fit in surprisingly well with college stereotypes

York have won Varsity 2018!


Why making some degrees cheaper can and will help working class students

It’s not ‘a load of bollocks’, some degrees are worth more than others, and that’s okay

The various stages of a Kuda Tuesday, as narrated by David Attenborough

Tell us you didn’t read this in his voice

We want to hear your experience of mental health issues since you started at York

Tell us your story