This fresher invited Theresa May to his end of year party and she actually responded

There aint no party like a Conservative party…maybe…

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After a long, hard year of doing zero work and just scraping the 40 per cent mark in their exams, freshers like to celebrate by having one final blowout before they head back home for the summer.

Some will stick to pre-drinks in their kitchen with a game of 'Ring of Fire', others may push the boat out and have a barbecue outside their halls.

However, York fresher Patrick O'Donnell went one step further, a lot of steps further actually, by inviting the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, to his end of year party.

The party is scheduled to take place in the grounds of Derwent College at the University of York, where Patrick is a Politics student.

Don't ask don't get right? Patrick said he was "shocked" when he received a reply to his invitation from Downing Street.

The letter read: "Thank you for your letter of 23 April inviting the Prime Minister to your event at the University of York.

"Unfortunately, due to heavy diary pressures, the Prime Minister is unable to commit to a visit at this stage. However, Mrs May has asked me to pass on her thanks to you for your invitation and to wish you the very best of luck for your upcoming university examinations. Thank you once again for writing."

We assume by "diary pressures" Downing Street could have been referring to either the impending palaver of Brexit negotiations or an upcoming snap general election.

Patrick told The Tab: "I invited Theresa May because I thought it'd be a bit of fun, something unexpected for an end of term party. If you were going to a party at the University of York, you wouldn't expect Theresa May to be there."

He said he was "shocked" to actually receive a reply as he "sent the invite in mid-April and only received the reply last week. We were really surprised as we expected them to bin it without reading it as MPs are busy people."

Sam Goodall, who is helping to organise the party, said: "She is trying to raise her profile with the youth and it would've helped her show that she's a human being, not a robot. She's clearly not having much fun at the moment and clearly she doesn't enjoy having fun."

Patrick said he had been asked on Yorfess, a York Uni Facebook confessions page, why he had chosen to invite Theresa May rather than Jeremy Corbyn, telling The Tab: "If we were to invite a senior politician to our party again, we would invite Jeremy Corbyn instead. We think that he'd actually come and it would be fun to belt out 'Ohhhh Jeremy Corbyn' while he's at one of our parties."

Theresa May is not exactly the first name that comes to mind when thinking of a famous person to invite to a party. The choice may be explained by the fact Patrick O'Donnell is the York fresher who pretends to be an MP on Instagram.

Patrick started the account as something to do when A-levels got too stressful, the fake MP's shenanigans have gone viral, picking up 5000 followers over the weekend.

He says people have genuinely asked if he's a real MP, saying that has, "scared me a bit, because anyone who looks at these with my facial expressions, body language and captions should know straight away I'm joking."

Patrick agrees with a few Labour policies including scrapping tuition fees and increasing the minimum wage, as well as campaigning for more personal issues such as 24-hour buses, free champagne on trains and less air in packets of crisps.

The party, which will not feature Theresa May, is apparently taking place on 6th June in Derwent College, York if anyone fancies going.