York has been voted the ‘most liked’ city in UK

Yet another study that says we’re the best

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York has been voted Britain's best liked city, in a recent poll where a huge 92 per cent of respondents said they liked York.

This places York 1st out of 57 UK cities. Whilst nice to hear, the news is hardly surprising, as York was voted the best city to live in only a few months ago.

The iconic Minster

York is notorious for its rich history including the iconic York Minster. Overall as a county, North Yorkshire ranks 4th with a score of 87 per cent, scoring far above the most disliked counties such as Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and many other Midland areas.

The result is in accordance with other public polls and rankings, where York often comes out on top. It was recently voted the UK's friendliest city showing that York is quite clearly fab at everything and is now the peoples' favourite as a result.