York has broken yet another world record – and this time for gin…

…and this is something we should be proud of!

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York has many titles under it's belt – from the Shambles being one of the top-visited places in the world, to the University having the largest plastic-bottomed lake in Europe. But there has been something missing until now.

Local cocktail lounge and gin shop Evil Eye, located in Stonegate, has recently secured the Guinness World Record for the most varieties of gin available. It smashed past the competition which previously held the record of around 640, and they didn't stop there.

The owner of the shop told Guinness World Records that he took inspiration from his son's birthday present, a Guinness World Record book, and decided that the number required wasn't enough. In January they brought in a spirit expert to test the alcohol – a job we know we'd like!

Gin beats multiple VK's any day of the week

The final count was 1,026, but they claim to have over 1,100 varieties available making Evil Eye a must-visit for any gin lover.