York ranked as one of the top universities for sports societies in the UK

Top 10, baby!!

The University of York has been ranked as one of the top 10 universities for sports teams in the whole country.

New research by PureGym placed York in the ninth spot in its ranking of the UK unis with the most sports teams, with a huge 64 sports societies. York also tied for this spot, with Edinburgh and Warwick universities also having 64 sports teams.

Taking the overall top spot in first place was York’s Roses rivals Lancaster (boo), tied for the position with Oxford with both unis having 81 sports teams.

Then came the universities of Bristol and Nottingham in second and third place, with 78 and 76 sports society teams respectively.

York’s neighbours York St John also made the list, placing ninth on PureGym’s ranking of the UK unis with the most sports teams per student. On the podium for this list was Falmouth in first place, followed by St George’s University of London, and then Aberystwyth University in Wales.

Featured image via Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

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