Pick a York college and we’ll tell you what you should be for Halloween

You can’t tell me that Constantine girlies wouldn’t be perfect as Mean Girls

Each York college has its own specific identity and stereotype. So what better way to express this identity than on Halloween with a costume that fully captures your college identity? Inevitably, some York students will have had their Halloween costumes planned since last year, and some will go for the usual cop-out of just sticking some cat ears on and calling it a day, but for those of you who need some help thinking of some last minute costume ideas, here are some that you can select based on your York college:


James College students are known for their active participation in York sports, therefore you should definitely be dressed up as a cheerleader (Maybe in Maddie and Cassie’s costumes from Euphoria) or as a jock from literally any American high school film. That’s right, sports are your entire personality and it’s insufferable. A night out in Salvos is probably the club you’ll find these students at, making a sports-based costume the perfect outfit.


We all know that Goodricke doesn’t actually exist, so you’ll probably find these students dressed up as ghosts. This costume is perfect for flat parties and definitely easy to make, just grab a sheet and cut out some eye holes and you’re ready to go. Just please don’t cut the eye holes wrong and end up with absolutely no vision, it won’t end well.


Mean girls is definitely the vibe for the Constantine girlies. Plaid skirts, dresses, and lots of pink are the way forward for this college, and they already have the bitchy personality to go with it! With a night out in Slug and Lettuce with all the 2-4-1 cocktails before heading to Kuda, this outfit would be the perfect idea for finding your friends (or frenemies) on the dance floor.


This college tends to have quite a big mix of students. So we’d like to suggest that a Top Gun theme costume would suit the vibes for Vanbrugh. There are many directions that you could take this outfit in whether it be a flight suit or some jeans and a leather jacket, we’re expecting Top Gun to be a popular choice for Vanbrugh students this Halloween.


After some debate, we decided that chaotic Langwith College students should dress as pirates for Halloween. Known for being a loud and sociable college, these students will undoubtedly pack out Glasshouse before heading into town.

Anne Lister and David Kato

Being the newest colleges on campus with little to no reputation, we decided that a group costume would be ideal for Anne Lister and David Kato. Either the Scooby Doo or Mario characters would be the perfect idea for these two colleges to mix together and get to know the rest of East Campus.


A cat costume perfectly suits the vibe of Alcuin college. Known for being quiet and tucked away in the corner of West campus, you don’t hear too much about these students. Grabbing a couple of pairs of cat ears from Nisa and adding an all-black outfit and some whiskers to compliment makes this a quick and easy, if a cop-out, costume.


Derwent students’ costumes should be as scary as the state of their accommodation buildings after a chaotic pres, therefore a Micheal Myers or Freddy Krueger costume would be perfect for Derwent students. They’d be found terrifying Alcuin freshers by chanting on the way to Flares and cramming 46 people on the back of the 66. You’d definitely end up in a random Derwent flat at 5am for afters and be terrified at their costumes.


For Halifax, Playboy bunnies are the way to go. Halifax college is huge and whether you applied to it or not, there’s a very high chance you are part of Halifax. Therefore it seemed fitting that members of this college would dress in a fairly generic costume that makes them easily identifiable. Either that or a cowboy. Yeehaw.


If you’re in Wentworth, you’re most likely not even going out on Halloween, but if you do decide to venture out you’re probably picking up some fake blood and devil horns from Nisa 30 minutes before pre-drinks start. You’ll be tucked back in your bed by midnight after being traumatised by a rowdy group of Derwent freshers.

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