Lanyards and getting lost: All the ways you can spot a first year York student

Leave the lanyard at home, please

You’ve completed the Freshers’ Week bingo, been to every club night, and added everyone you met on Snapchat. Maybe you even went to Freshers’ Fair and bagged a free tote and signed up for a million societies you’ll never go to. Now term is underway, you may think you have successfully infiltrated the uni system and are a fully fledged York uni student, right? Wrong!

Sorry to burst your fresher bubble, but you all give off the first year vibes that any seasoned York uni student can see from a mile off. So, here’s a list of things to avoid so you aren’t branded a silly fresher for the whole year:

Wearing Lanyards

I know it’s all new and exciting and the prospect of losing your room key is terrifying, but please, take off the lanyard, this isn’t sixth form. You may as well walk around with FRESHER painted on your forehead. And if it’s purely college pride, just buy some stash.  Anyway, those 2am walks to college reception with your flatmates after locking yourselves out of your room for the fifth time that week is a bonding exercise.

Eating and drinking at chains only

Despite the infamous Slug and Lettuce pornstar martini tree being a great addition to the Insta story, please get out of the chains and visit some of the amazing and vibey independent bars and restaurants York has to offer. Any time of day, any cuisine, any vibe, York can offer the perfect brunch spot, cosy coffeehouse study spot or cool new indie bar to take all your mates when they visit. And there are more indie bars than Stone Roses, just saying.

Getting Lost

Campus is a maze, and town is even bigger. Don’t worry if you still can’t find your seminar room in the depths of Derwent, after three years I still haven’t mastered James’ maths department. But please just get on with being lost and keep walking like the rest of us. Walking at a snail’s pace whilst you consult Google or the campus map is a major fresher red flag and is a sure way to annoy everyone else rushing to get to their 9am because they wanted five more minutes in bed.

Not thanking everyone

Saying “thank you” as you get off the bus or when you’re handed your third overly-priced latte of the day, is a must. You aren’t in London anymore, saying thank you here isn’t accompanied by dirty looks. You’re in the North now, show some of that northern charm and British politeness.

P.S. the Your Bus Yorkey tickets are a live saver, get the FirstBus app and get 10 trips on the 66 or 67 for £10. Just don’t forget to thank the driver as you get off!

Bad library etiquette

I have no idea what’s happened in the library this year, maybe the freshers didn’t get the memo that the library isn’t for them, but to be unable to find a seat in Morrell as a stressed fourth year just to see silly lanyard wearing freshers taking up whole desks is not ok. If you’re going to sit and chat whilst your MacBook remains closed, please go sit in Courtyard or the library cafe.

And, just a word of warning, don’t even think about stepping foot in the library during exam/diss season, all the final-year students will thank you for it.

Bad club etiquette

We all know that it is a very exciting time, going clubbing in a new city with new mates you made a day ago, but please don’t be a silly fresher who is constantly shoving, screaming, chanting or doing anything other than vibing and sweating in Salvos. And please, don’t ask anyone for “baccy” in the smoking area, you will just get laughed at.

Ultimately, being a fresher is a terrifying but exciting time. Enjoy your first at uni, the lack of deadlines and pressure, and explore the beautiful city of York. And don’t worry, no one will pull your lanyard off if you are adamant about wearing it.

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