If you did these 15 things in Freshers’ Week, congrats you’re officially a York student

Forget enrolling on to your course, these are the true York Freshers’ Week rites of passage

You have successfully passed Freshers’ Week if you have asked (and forgotten) everyone’s name, course and where they are from. Even better if you have added them on Snapchat and now have random names from several nights out.

But to fully initiate into York life, have you completed this faultless checklist? If you did these 15 things in Freshers’ Week, you’re officially a York student:

1) Bought a food shop from Nisa on campus instead of walking to Aldi

If this is something you are guilty of, your bank account will not be happy with you! I will admit, the food selection is lovely, especially the slushie machine, but please do yourself a favour and save those coins for the 365 pubs in York.

2) Tried the iconic ‘blue shit’ from Lowther or Stone Roses

If this isn’t your favourite drink in York, what are you even doing? The treble vodka with VK creates a killer mix for a crazy night and a blue tongue. There’s definitely enough of that bluey goodness around here to flood the river Ouse.


3) Taken a picture with or of LongBoi

Image credit @longboiyork

I wonder if Longboi knows he has been on the Late Late Show and is verified on Instagram? York is fortunate to have its own waddling celebrity. He is normally found mooching around Derwent, having a sunbathe or a swim. But don’t give all the spotlight to Longboi, make sure to find FancyBoi and GoldenGirl. We can’t let Longboi develop an even bigger ego.

4) Signed up for way too many societies at Freshers’ Fair

Let’s be honest, we all know you mainly went for the stickers and free pizza.

5) Been to Salvos and Flares in the same night

This clubbing ritual gives you it all. The cheese, the bangers and let’s not forget the free sauna from all those jam-packed freshers. There’s no better way to spend a mid-week evening. Plus, with Salt and Pepper slapped in between the two clubs, it is the perfect location for some cheesy chips at midnight. Let’s be honest, what else would I spend my money on?

6) Become protective over your college and gained way too much college spirit

Who would have thought there would be so much emotion attached to the name of your accommodation? This is normally expressed in chants at the back of the 66 bus on the way into town after a couple of drinks. May seem childish, but it becomes a very serious matter and college slander is not taken lightly in York.

7) Heard of Jason Reilly

The man, the myth, the legend of music. How to tell a York student from any other: when hearing his name, listen out for someone screaming “It’s Jason Reillyyyyy.”

8) Made a questionable meal

We’ve all been there, bread and ketchup, pizza so burnt it is solid or cereal for every meal. It’s a classic uni student look. So, it’s natural to turn to ready meals and takeaways. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself for all the napping you did during the day.

9) Gone to the Shambles

Where would I find a Harry Potter fan? Of course, it would be the Shambles. This is probably the most iconic street in York, if you haven’t gone down and taken a photo of it, have you even been a York fresher?

10) Spoons

The classic. Who doesn’t love a four quid breakfast after way too many blue shits the night before? A great spot to catch up with all your new friends.

11) Missed a 9am

How on earth did we ever make it to school before 9am every day? Yet at uni, we’re rolling out of bed at 8:55 and hoping for the best. Making a 9am is something to be proud of, especially in Freshers’ Week.

12) Been lied to by the First Bus app

Is it even the 66/67 bus if it isn’t ridiculously late, or a scheduled bus disappears from the app like something from Harry Potter? Regardless of its timing issues, this bus is often a lifesaver at all times of the day.

13) Gone to Maccies after a night out

After you have made some regrettable decisions with your mates, Maccies is definitely the must-have Freshers’ afters. You will bump into literally everyone you know and spend hours chatting until the bouncers kick you out for eating inside. Maccies always tests your memory as those machines never print a receipt and love to leave you drunkenly guessing your order number.

14) Made the regrettable decision to go to Popworld

The legendary spinning dancefloor tends to lure people in. Spoiler alert: it’s tiny. Nevertheless, it’s good fun to have a spin until you become dizzy and fall off.

15) Got lost on campus

Trying to find lecture rooms is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s even worse if they are in college buildings. You may as well accept defeat at that point. Huge congratulations if you already know your way around Derwent.

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