We asked York clubs what their spiking policies and procedures are

Many have introduced additional searches and drink covers

There has been a rise in reports of spikings in York and across the country recently with over 2,600 students believing they’ve been spiked already this term. Because of this, last week’s club boycott saw York students boycott clubs in order to raise awareness of the issue.

The York Tab therefore reached out to York’s clubs to ask what they’re doing to keep us safe. We asked them about their policy if someone is spiked within their venue, if someone reports being spiked in their venue after leaving, and the general policies they have in place to prevent spiking.

This is what they said:


A spokesperson for Salvos said: “As you know, the safety of students is extremely important to us. In a normal week, we are open for three nights, two of which are dedicated university events. Saturdays are also heavily attended by both YSJ and University of York students.

“With regards to spiking, we have had available behind our bar the “spikies” which fit into the top of bottles for several years. We have also trialed the cup stoppers and have an order placed for more. Virtually all our staff are students and are encouraged to offer these. It is about everyone being vigilant and reporting anything suspicious that is seen.”

They continued: “We continue to look after students whilst queueing with our own street marshalls keeping them safe. The same staff also assist them when leaving the venue, helping them cross the road and to look after the vulnerable.”

They also highlighted their increased security team “that always includes at least one female” and female toilet attendants. Ask Angela posters are also clearly displayed throughout the club.

Outside of Salvos during the Girls Night in Boycott last week


A Spokesperson for Kuda said: “Everyone should feel safe on a night out, and they should feel safe in our club. We are the most regulated part of the hospitality sector; we work hard to create a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment so that all our guests can enjoy a fun night out and will do everything we can to protect this right.

“While these incidents are rare, we take all reports of drink spiking very seriously. Our teams are fully trained on the issue and have the support of our onsite medics, we operate our ‘We Care’ policy and support the ‘Ask Angela’ scheme. We would encourage anyone who sees suspicious behaviour, or suspects they have been a victim of spiking, to seek immediate assistance from a member of staff or security, who are trained to help and who also have the support of our onsite first aiders. We would also encourage them to contact Police and seek medical advice so that any allegation can be properly investigated.”

Kuda also outlined the new procedures they have put into place. These included more extensive training for staff members on spiking, policies such as We Care and Ask for Angela, increased searches and CCTV as well as staff bodycams and anti-spiking devices. Other measures include providing qualified medics and first aiders as well as a quiet room “where we look after our guests if they are feeling unwell or just need a breather.”

Finally they told us: “We will never ask anyone to leave on their own and our staff are able to arrange for a taxi or a friend to collect them. We appreciate that there is real fear out there and would like to reassure guests that we are doing everything we can to keep them safe.”

Since reaching out, Kuda have also posted on their Instagram to remind people about the procedures they have in place regarding spiking.



A spokesperson for Flares said: “The safety of our guests and our team, has always been, and remains, our number one priority and we continually review our safety and security procedures to ensure our customers and staff remain safe. We treat all allegations of spiking seriously and ask customers to bring this to our attention immediately should they have concerns their drinks have been tampered with.”

Flares also outlined a number of measures they are introducing. This included their new Guest Support scheme with team members are easily identifiable with a neon armband and are there to assist any guests feeling vulnerable or unwell. They also told us they have enhanced security checks on the door.


A spokesperson for Revolution York told The York Tab: “The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our number one priority. This means ensuring our teams are vigilant, our guests know who to speak to if they feel unsafe or unwell, and we all work together to call out those who behave inappropriately or suspiciously.

Our fully trained and licensed door staff routinely search guests as they enter, and we are increasing these in light of recent press reports. We enforce a strict zero-tolerance policy to abusive behaviour and have CCTV coverage throughout our bars. Our bar teams regularly remove unattended drinks, and we ensure our management and door teams are trained to identify and support vulnerable guests. Everyone is committed to creating a positive, enjoyable environment and our management teams work continuously with other venues, local authorities and police on initiatives to ensure a safe nightlife.”

Revs also posted this graphic on their Instagram outlining their safety policies.


A spokesperson for Ziggys said: ” We understand this is an incredibly important issue and our customers safety is of the utmost importance to us. We are working very closely with North Yorkshire police and both York universities to help create safe and supported nights at Ziggy’s. We have several protocols in place such as the Ask Angela scheme and plenty of staff on at all times to make sure that help is easy to ask for.”

Ziggys also posted about the Ask for Angela scheme on their Instagram:

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