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Have you seen the seven totems of York?

Joe may have found the 7 totems of L.A. but if he could find long boi I’d be surprised.

Netflix's season 2 of You gave us many things: new ways to stalk your crush, a disgustingly accurate portrayal of how to cut up a dead body, and an extensional crises because we actually liked Joe this time. But it also gave us the 7 totems of L.A. which are seven outrageous sights that have to be seen to be believed before you can feel like you truly belong there.

York has a number of strange events occurring daily, and if you've seen all these sights on campus, you can count yourself a true student.

1. An animal in Nisa

The whole place goes into lock down while the staff try to shoo an angry goose or cat out of the snacks aisle.

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2. A humanities tutor

Strike or no strike, spotting one of these on campus is always a bit of a rarity. If they decide to come to the 1 hour of contact time they have a week, they're already itching to tell you how they won't be on campus for the next two weeks for a variety of excuses: a conference somewhere conveniently far away, a mysteriously long illness, and their favourite – strike week!

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3. The walk of shame after Wednesday Salvos

Nuns, cheerleaders, just a pair of speedos – sport’s night social themes make for the most entertaining walk of shame the next morning. Bonus points for people who can spot someone who has come straight to their 9 am lecture in their full costume from the night before.

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4. Halifax

If you've managed to find Halifax, you must be a true student.

5. The 15 year old roadmen

Yorkmemes wants to hunt them down, security are after them, and you’re probably just wondering – where are they? Usually found around Gregg’s place and Spring Lane on a weekend, they’ll probably shout abuse at you or aggressively try and impress you with a wheelie.

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6. A fight in Salt & Pepper

You have to feel for the bouncer really. Fights are often started by stealing other people's orders, pushing in the queue, or simply just two people looking for an argument. This usually has no impact on the speed of receiving your cheesy chips though.

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7. Long boi

Pretty much the University of York's de facto leader at this point, but he still remains mysterious and aloof. Managing to nab a picture of him is a highlight of any degree.

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