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Some pictures of the York floods in case you were thinking about leaving the house today

York or Atlantis AMIRITE?

York's river levels are at the highest since 2000. Both Storm Ciara and Dennis have left the city under drastic amounts of water.

With the river levels still not yet peaked, there is more damage to be done.

Scroll to see the extent of the floods so far.

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Anyone fancy a swim…sorry, a walk?

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The water can be seen pouring out of Lowther's pipes. Looks like no trebles for a while

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If you fancy taking a swift stroll by the river, think again

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Yeahh… maybe don't go that way

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Wouldn't suggest taking the shortcut near Lowther for the time being

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Taking 'lifeboat slipway' to a whole other level

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Interesting place for a staircase

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The water almost submerging the houses in the background

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A swollen river that has burst its banks

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A short poem: flood not good

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Lowther and Stones had no chance

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The extent of the flood can be seen here

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Probs not the best place to park your car mate

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Looks like we're swimming to lectures

If you have any pictures or videos of flood antics, DM them to The York Tab Instagram.