The ultimate student guide to Valentine’s Day in York

Or just another day of luuurvely procrastination, you choose

As well as the promise of a degree and the best years of your life (haha lol stress), many a fresher began uni with the whispered assumptions that they'd probably find their soul mate. Well. If this was the only motivation to go to the library or "join in" with Freshers Week, we fell for it. Not to smash any illusions, but single third years do exist. That's why they're really still sweating in Salvos.

Yes, Valentine's Day is one of those truly glorious holidays that you either love to hate or hate to love; likely whichever matches your current relationship status. So whether you're spending this magical Friday with your gals, your newly-found uni boo or your deadlines, we've got you covered.

Lots of love x x x

It's a date

If you're looking to go the extra mile for your bae, pushing the boat out from your almost Michelin star pesto pasta, served a la saucepan, then we've uncovered some saucy food deals for you.

As overdrafts are too real, your budget date night prayers have been answered because two people can dine for £20 at spoons!! The reviews are positive and, honestly, how could you go wrong with this choice.

Fancy a more boujee date night? Ask Italian have 3 courses for £19.95, if you're looking to impress that special someone, it's a definite winner. Similarly celebrating this romantic day, Las Iguanas are offering a FREE (we love to hear it) glass of fizz if you book a table with them on the 14th!

Although not specific to this romantic occasion, Happy Hour at Revs will be on until 9 pm on the 14th!! Cocktails? Yes please. Just keep an eye out for the 'R Heart' cocktails, on the menu, for the 2-for-1 offer. Woo, Galentine's trip!

If all else fails, Courtyard nachos for two? Or one? Treat yourself x

I've got no time to celebrate date

If, instead, you're drowning in deadlines rather than hot dates, there is deffo hope for finding last minute love in the library. What a better way to bond!! Grab a few vending machine snacks and you're sorted. You know those who do all-nighters together, stay together.

Looking for a "something to do" date?

If cringey restaurant meals ain't your thing no worries. Nothing says romance like the ambience of a renovated 1930's style cinema, and this Valentine's the Everyman cinema is showing the Oscar-winning supernatural thriller Ghost at 8 pm. Think comfy sofas, for loved up cuddles, and food and drink served to your seats – you won't have to move an inch.

"We can still be mates?" date

Wow, if bumping into an ex in the Morrell wasn't awks enough. The York Dungeons offers a "free break up service" and will dump your not-so loved one for you!! We aren't joking. And as a "reward" for being so brave, you can get a 2-for-1 ticket code for your next visit (or a new date for all you playerz out there).

But I haven't got a date

If the extent of your love life is a committed relationship with VKs then a night out on Valentine's may be the one for you. Heart Breakz, a new student night at The Lounge, promises a night of Hip Hop, Garage and Liquid DnB. Guilty pleasures from 10:30 pm.

Flares York are also holding a classic Traffic Light Party on Friday night from 9 pm on wards. Bubbly to be won, I repeat, bubbly to be won. Don your orange, green and red outfits and get partying (your soul mate could be on that dance floor!!!).

If you're hoping for a touch more sophistication to your Valentine's night (so minus the sweaty bodies and sticky floors) then The Crescent Community Venue is presenting "Amy Winehouse: Frank." The 2003 album will be "reimagined" and performed by The Belgrave House Band, kicking off at 7:30 pm, with tickets priced at £10. Deffo not one to miss.

It's an "otherwise-committed" date

Of course, if you're feeling passionate about more pressing matters and want to show your love for the environment and all within it, head to the Climate Strike at 12:30 pm in St Helens Square. This won't be a soppy one.

Or if you're a dedicated UoY student then you will most likely be aware of the upcoming YUSU elections. If this is of greater interest to you then their "candidate speed dating" event is taking place from 6-8 pm. More details can be found here.