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University of York to operate as normal after confirmation of coronavirus in the city

The situation is being closely monitored

It was reported earlier today that the two people who have tested positive for coronavirus in the UK stayed in a hotel in York.

This has now been confirmed by Public Health England, who also confirmed that the two people diagnosed are members of the same family.

The two people who tested positive stayed at the StayCity Hotel, located next to the Barbican Theatre.

Despite the worries caused by this revelation, the University of York plans to operate as normal for now. However, the situation is being closely monitored.

An email, sent to all students at the University of York, read: "Dear student, Public Health England (PHE) have confirmed that two individuals, who are members of the same family, have tested positive for coronavirus.

"PHE has now confirmed that these two patients had been staying in a hotel in York.

"As a result, the University is, understandably, receiving a large number of queries from students, parents and staff.

"The University continues to operate normally. We are monitoring the situation closely and our priority is to provide as much advice, care and support as we can to our University community.

"Public Health England provide advice on their website which is updated daily. We will update our information on as and when further information becomes available."

This comes in a week where a student at the University of Edinburgh was allegedly tested for the virus and where the University of Liverpool sought to bring students back from years abroad in China.

In addition, the University of Sheffield ordered students to go into quarantine as a result of the virus and a Chinese student has been attacked at the university for wearing a face mask.

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