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Clubbers of the Week: we’re BACK

and wow you guys have delivered

We're approaching the end of first term (how is it Week 7 pls??) and yes, freshers flu was real, deadlines ugh and student loans have disappeared. But yet again, the turnt up and turn out of York students to a classic night out and commitment to a golden club pic needs praising. Here to commend your dedication to a messy Wednesday Salvos, whether you made your Thursday 9am or not, is Clubbers of the Week.

From photobombs, biggest WTFs, and the famous most e x t r a Revs pic. You know the drill. Scroll to see if you made itttt x


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creativity levels at 10000 but where is Laa-Laa

FaceTime Clubber

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like those people that FaceTime at concerts but it's for a famous pic outside Revs

Biggest WTF

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umm whyy

DnB gyal

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that's one way to request tunes from the DJ

Movember Clubbers

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fanTACHEtic efforts here, looks pretty legit

Cheeky Tiki Clubbers

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We are the Tiki boys, you are the Tiki girls

Winning photobomb

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otherwise such a cute squad pic x

High School Musical Clubbers

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because we're all in this together

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soaring, flying

Relatable Clubbers

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rolling out of bed to make that 9am seminar after a big night… deffo feeling fragile tbf

The Incredible Clubbers

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those shades are super

Squad goals

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and the chemistry between them is mad

Most talented Clubber

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pure skills you'd show off in any smoking area

"Yeah I know the bouncers" Clubbers

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absolute boys

Workout Clubber

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getting a few pull ups in, ready to impress

Golf Club-ber

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what a night out accessory

Co-ordinated Clubbers

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bois who buy brands together, stay together xxx

Best dressed

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when you've ran out of clean clothes so you just style out your laundry basket instead, love it

Most e x t r a Revs pic – Winner

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this must have been rehearsed ??

Most e x t r a Revs pic – Runner Up

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just a lovely pic

Photographs taken from the official 'York Parties – York's Biggest Club Nights & Events' Facebook page.