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York’s newest zero-waste store can help students in their plastic free journey

The Shop of Small Changes

A new plastic-free store has opened in York aiming to help people live a more plastic free life. "The Shop of Small Changes" in Burton Stone Lane opened on the 5th of September alongside the gift shop "The Giftery".

The shop sells non-food items, toiletry products like toothbrushes, shaving equipment and make up pads. Bulk refills will also be available for other products like shampoo, conditioner and house essentials like washing up liquid and soap. All you do is save your jars and containers instead of recycling them and they can be filled, no packaging required!

The Shop of Small Changes is a new addition to York's zero waste scene making the plastic free lifestyle more accessible for students living within York.

Image may contain: Pantry, Shop, Shelf

Refill station to utilise your overrun recycling bin content

Mel at The Giftery & The Shop of Small Changes, spoke to The York Tab on how students can reduce their plastic at university.

"Whether you're looking for off the shelf low/zero waste products such as tooth tabs, shaving products, reusable make up remover pads, soap/shampoo conditioner bars or wanting to refill your own containers with cleaning products or shampoo and conditioner we would be delighted to see you".

She also commented on students who may like to start a zero waste journey but unsure where to begin:

"If you're not 100 per cent sure of what easy cost effective swaps to make then we would love to help you out with that too. We're an informal kind of place so do feel free to pop in for a look".

So if you're looking to join the plastic free movement or have been swept up in the '"Attenborough" effect, the new university year may be the perfect opportunity to check out York's expanding plastic free shopping scene.

The Shop of Small Changes can be found at Burton Street Lane and is open 6 days a week.