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Vote for UOY’s Biggest BNOC 2019: Heat Two!

of course all the famous lads at uni are called Tom

Following on from yesterday's heat, we've got another round of BNOC'S desperate for your votes. These BNOC's are doing everything they can to get their names out there, such as being Cheerleading Captains, DJ's, climate change protesters, and everything in between.

Here are your BNOC nominees for today!

Jade Brewer

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If you didn't know that Jade does cheer and is the President of the York Hornets, then you've definitely been living under a rock. Apart from cheer, Jade is known as the 'fittest girl in maths', and she was once taken home in a wheelchair from Kuda. She's apparently branching into modelling, as she was featured as the model wearing the Roses 2019 Bucket Hat.

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get you a girl who can do both x

When asked how she felt to be nominated, Jade said "I always expected the nomination, I'm kind of a big deal". You go gal.

Aimee Selling

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there's gnome one else like you Aimee!

Aimee first made a name for herself by being Langwith's social sec, and is now President. Apart from being famed in her college, she's also a famous name amongst the Hes East Rugby boys, so we know she definitely likes a sporty man. Aimee is known for being the "best person in any situation" and everyone who meets her agrees that she brings laughter and light into each and every room. Aimee certainly brings her all to Salvos, as she's there living her best life every Wednesday without fail.

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Aimee is delighted to be nominated for York's biggest BNOC, saying she's "glad that people have finally realised!" and is "honoured".

Tom Naughton

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Tom's been described as an "all round legend", and it's no wonder because he's only the DJ for On&On, one of York's most popular club nights. Friends have described him as "gregarious", and a "laugh a minute", and anyone who meets Tom comments on how friendly he is. Asides from banging DJ sets, he's also the social sec for YUSnow and is behind some of their craziest antics.

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a mood

When asked how he felt to be nominated, he stated he's "been legally advised not to comment". We love a man of mystery.

Merry Dickinson

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Merry is a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure

Merry is not unlike her name, she's been described as cheerful and bubbly by all who meet her. She's the Environment and Ethics Officer for YUSU and loves standing up for what she believes in. If she isn't busy protesting at a climate change rally, then she's having HuffPost articles written about her instead. She's no stranger to Tab articles, but we know that she doesn't do it for the fame. Merry, we salute you.

Merry said she felt "confused and bewildered, so the same as usual really!!" when asked how she felt to be nominated.

Tom Borthwick

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Tom isn't your average Computer Science student, he's been described as "unconventionally attractive" by those who know him and "exceptionally funny". He's definitely a big deal, because he's currently on a year in industry and isn't even at York, but still has talk going round about him. Friends commented that Tom should have a novel written about his life at university so far, and that what makes him famous is "a lot of things way too explicit for the Tab ? ". Ooh, we love a dark horse.

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Tom says that if he wins, he's going to make his own themed condom brand featuring quotes such as "you've been Borthed", to encourage the next generation to "challenge away safely".

Time to vote!

Now that you've seen all the BNOC's for Heat Two, the power's in your hands. Vote for who you believe is the biggest name using the Google Form below and the winner of this heat will compete in our much awaited Final. Stay tuned for tomorrow's heat!