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York graduates call for whoever destroyed goose egg on Greg’s Place to be expelled

The pictures of the incident were posted on Yorfession and have since gone viral

A goose egg was destroyed on campus on Greg's Place, with a picture of the incident showing a mother goose looking down at it going viral.

The post on Yorfession has gone viral with thousands of reacts and shares. The post shows images of the broken egg and a dismayed-looking mother goose, with the caption: "Whichever sick and twisted individual decided to throw and smash a goose’s egg across Greg’s place today, I hope you know that should you ever trip and fall and in to the Campus Lake, we’ll be there to hold your head under while you drown.’"

#Yorfessions2238Whichever sick and twisted individual decided to throw and smash a goose’s egg across Greg’s place…

Posted by Yorfessions on Sunday, March 24, 2019

The anonymous person who sent in the pictures has suggested the destruction of the egg was done on purpose, and has described the goose as being "distressed", saying the geese had since been moved somewhere safer and fed.

The post has received an overwhelming response from people all over the world, not just from those at the University of York. Most of the comments seem to be condemning the act, and many are extremely upset and angry about the situation. One alumnus commented on the Yorfession post asking that the situation be investigated and the perpetrators be expelled from the university, with nearly 1,000 people reacting to the comment.

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A new Yorfession post has pointed out that the act is considered a crime under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, asking for anyone with information to send it in so that it can be passed on to the university.

Taking a geese’s egg is a crime under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.If anyone has any info on who might have been…

Posted by Yorfessions on Monday, March 25, 2019

A University of York spokesperson said: "The university has received no reports of damage to bird eggs.

"Anyone who has any information suggesting deliberate mistreatment of wildfowl on campus should contact campus security.

"The welfare of all our wildlife on campus is very important to us and we are particularly proud of the diversity of our wildfowl population."

If you have any further information about this story please get in contact by either messaging our Facebook page or emailing [email protected]. All correspondence will be kept confidential.

The University of York press office has been contacted for further comment.