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York’s Fittest Fresher: The Girls – Heat Two

The search continues

Yesterday evening you got your first glimpse of the boys and we now proudly present the girls. Take a look and vote to save your fave face.

Charlotte Mickleburgh-Benn

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From: Todmorden

Course: History

College: Derwent (And NO they don't have asbestos)

Relationship status: Complicated

Perfect date: "Lunch date to a little cafe"

Flyer and bass for York Cheer, she'll have you doing cartwheels.

Livvy Yeadon

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From: Church Stretton

Course: Music

College: Alcuin

Relationship status: Single

Perfect date: "Ice skating followed by cocktails in town"

Another York Cheer girl who could take you to new heights. Described as having a "banging body with the face to match".

Kiera Lockhard

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From: Twickenham

Course: Music

College: Constantine

Relationship status: Single

Perfect date: "Go karting followed by a wagas"

Currently starring in Legally Blonde, she's got brains and beauty.

Emily Weaver

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From: London

Course: History & English

College: James

Relationship status: Single

Perfect date: "Coffee and a walk round town"

Described by mates as an "absolute gem", this London lass is an all-rounder.

Ophelia Westaway-Christopher

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From: Oxford

Course: Social Policy & Crime

College: James

Relationship status: "Technically single" whatever that means

Perfect date: "The ivy and then a sleepover" (A girl of modest tastes, clearly)

Not content with her current title of "signet-ring owner extraordinaire", Phi-Phi strives for more. We think York's Fittest Fresher fits the bill.

Two rounds down, two to go. Keep the votes coming!