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York is introducing the Ask for Angela scheme

The campaign aims to help protect people who feel they aren’t in a safe situation


Licensed venues across York will be introducing the Ask for Angela scheme over the next few weeks.

The campaign is designed to help prevent and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability. Ask for Angela offers a way out to people who feel unsafe while on a date or having met someone at a venue who then makes them feel unsafe.

Those who feel unsafe can go to the bar and ask for "Angela" to let the bar staff know that they need help getting out of their current situation. The bar staff will then call them a taxi or help out the victim as discreetly as possible.

Apart from calling a taxi, bar staff could also help victims out by calling a friend or family member or by helping them to leave safely without the person who has made them feel unsafe knowing.

The scheme has been successful in other cities in the UK and will be beneficial to the safety of all living in York.