Here is everything that happens in an all girls flat at York

Tinder, tea and tampons

When I first stepped into halls at York last year, I looked forward to making some new friends (and maybe meet a guy or two).

Of course, when we all congregated in the kitchen for the first time, the first question of “who put they only wanted to be in a flat with girls?” came out, and was met with a resounding "no" by everyone.

Anyway, the following 12 things are bound to happen if you live in an all girls flat in halls – so here’s a little taster for the incoming freshers of 2018 as to what living with so many girls is really like.

You will never run out of tea like EVER

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You'll find hair everywhere

This gets especially interesting if at least one of you dyes yours.

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You'll definitely decorate the place

Unfortunately this young man’s mum pointed out the condom sign on our fridge in the photo… Oh well, that’s what you get with 12 girls in one space.

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Sharing is always caring

As the proud founder of the "everyone/sponge cupboard", I’d recommend it as some people bring more unusual things with them to uni – such as my knife rack or one girl’s cafetiere. This is a cute note we found on the fridge when someone left for Christmas holidays.

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Gincidents are fairly common

Tipsy fiascoes primarily caused by gin, and yes that is hand infused.

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North v south debates are fierce

S-cone vs s-con and the classic "is tea a meal or a drink?" It obviously doesn’t get more southern than regatta season.

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Ring of fire is adapted for the lack of guys

But blondes and brunettes instead of girls and boys.

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At the start of the year I could pretty much scrape by making pasta and scrambled eggs – now I can even bake a pretty decent set of brownies absolute creds to this great gal. (Also I cannot emphasise enough how nice afternoon tea and cake is after a busy day at lectures!)

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There's always an excuse for a group pampering session

Every girl loves a good mani – so why not do it together? (And hair and makeup and photoshoot)

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Boy talk (or girl talk depending on your preference)

The good news about having just girls is all potentials get a solid CIA style vetting before they even get NEAR your friends. (Yes, we can smell fear.)

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Girls have the best nights in

You know how it is when you’re all hormonal and sad and you need a romcom or even better a huge 12-person Christmas dinner or a murder mystery dinner party? On. It.

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And obviously, the best nights out

Need lipstick? Done. New top doesn’t fit? I’m sure one of us has boobs that big. Creepy guy creeping? Great wall ladies!

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