Let’s talk about ‘Love Iceland’

I don’t want to let go

Everybody stay calm, but it’s happening, tonight is the dreaded 9pm on Monday 24th July. Love Island is over for another year. And yes, don’t deny it, we’ve all had this in our diaries for a while; but now we come to question: ‘What are we going to do when Love Island ends?!’

Well, I’ll answer that for you, we will hold a minute’s silence for the fallen ones that have captured our hearts over the past few weeks. Every single contestant has been a major conversation starter, from your best friends to filling in those awkward silences with work colleagues or strangers, because who doesn’t love Love Island?

Just look at him

And who doesn’t love Chris. We all love Chris. Chris and his polar bear ways. Even Stormzy thinks he deserves better…Olivia’s clearly getting way too big for her boots (haha).

On the subject of Chris, HELLO everyones dream baby-daddy. Who would have known that a guy, who in the first week claimed that every single girl in the villa fancied him, could actually turn out to be the majority of the female (and male) populations dream man? Erm hello… Kem and Chris to couple up and win this year, please!

Imagine them all in ski suits though

In all seriousness though, I know that we are now all hoping that ‘Love Iceland’ happens and we can continue to have a guilty pleasure our lives revolve around every day, except Saturday, through winter. Imagine… 9pm, a chalet, scandal in the snow, the dream.

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