BREAKING: Jeremy Corbyn campaigns in York

Corbynmania will hit the streets on Wednesday 10th May

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn will be in York on the 10th May as part of his General Election campaign. This follows the visit today by former Labour cabinet minister Hilary Benn. Mr Corbyn will be in St Helen’s Square for 1 pm, and his supporters are urged to be there in support.

The visit will come just over 4 weeks before the General Election on the 8th June.

Mr Corbyn will be supported by Rachael Maskell, York Central’s Labour candidate and Shadow Secretary of State for EFRA. She was first elected in 2015 where she enjoyed a comfortable win.

York Outer’s Labour candidate is Luke Charters-Read, and is one of Labour’s youngest candidates being only 21 years old. His campaign was launched on Monday the 8th May at 1pm with Hilary Benn, opposite Derwent College C block.

Although organised by the York Labour Party, Momentum York have made an event for Jeremy’s arrival this week, which has received a lot of interest over the last 21 hours, with 446 already going and nearly 1,000 interested.

For more updates on the arrival of the man himself, you can join the event here.