York’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat Four

This is your last chance to send two bachelorettes through to the semi-finals


Here it is, the final heat in our bachelorette competition. Vote for your favourite at the bottom, and the top two will progress to the semi-final. For the final time, let the games begin…


Emma, 2nd Year, Spanish & Italian

Emma, who goes by the alter egos of Emma Spermy and Emma Gurney, is not someone to be overlooked. Sporting her ‘wavey garms’ and hoop earrings she can be seen sharking on the top floor of Salvo on a Wednesday night, as well as making appearances at almost all Friday night Fibbers events. Studying Italian and Spanish, you’re going to have to snap her up quick before she starts her year abroad in Peru and Sienna (so cultured).  A keen Derwenter, she is part of the Derwent JCRC as an Ordinary member, but do not be fooled, there isn’t much that is ordinary about her!


Sophia Indiana Cleopatra Hill, 2nd Year, English and Related Literature

Hailing from Surrey, blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty Sophia isn’t short of that home county charm. Whether it’s her wit, sarcasm, or eagerness to share her views on Hamlet, Miss Hill’s sultry tone will win over your heart. Well-travelled, and known for her disappearing acts to Europe, she boasts a title as a published NASA physicist, turning down a further job at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, aged only sixteen, in favour to pursue her English degree. Who even does that?! She also likes piglets. REALLY likes piglets. With a different shade of MAC lipstick for every day of the month, be the man to smudge that perfect matte through cremesheen ombre. It’s certainly not rocket science why you should vote for Sophia.

Don’t forgo your last chance to put two bachelorettes through to the semi-final, cast your votes below.