We asked crying parents for their freshers’ week advice

‘Don’t pee in the sink’

Over the weekend, campus resembled a very middle class car-boot sale as thousands of freshers flew the nest to embark on a life of functioning alcoholism and student debt.

Emotions were running high as they waved goodbye to home cooked meals, the bank of mum and dad and a regularly cleaned kitchen.

We asked some of the tearful parents to give us some final freshers’ week pearls of wisdom before they sent their little darlings off into the big, wide world.

And made them cry some more.

Will, Cathy and Simon

“Pace yourself and try not to get too drunk.”

Nicholas, Sophie and Connie   “Don’t forget to do some work and don’t drink all of the alcohol in the first week.”

Victoria, Les, Nick and Brendan

Freshers are just getting younger every year

“Put yourself out there, sign up to all of the freshers’ events, get involved and be safe.”

“Make the most of your time here and maybe do some work at some point.”

Mr and Mrs Mistry

“Stay cool.”

Lotte, Greg and Peter

“Don’t forget you’ve come here to study.”

“Paracetamol is your friend.”

Pete, Kirsty, Emma and Steve

“Just maximise. Oh and don’t pee in the sink.”

George, Richard and Jill

“Be your own person. Work hard and play hard.”