The best coffee shop study spots in York

No, not Starbucks

If like I, you decided to take on a degree purely so you could fulfil the image of sitting in a cafe surrounded by books (that never get read), you already spill your student loan on lattes. That doesn’t mean you have to keep going to the same chain coffee shops to revise though. Walk past Starbucks new S’mores Frappucinos, ignore Costa’s Seriously Summer Smoothies and run past Cafe Nero because no one would think to even go there anyway.

Instead, embrace the independent with this definitive guide to study hot spots. Move on from trekking to Fairhurst at 8.30am just to seek out a spot on the top floor coincidentally opposite your library boyfriend (there’s only so many times you can make eye contact until they’ve sussed out you’re a predatory female).

Take yourself off into York and explore these spaces.

Spring Espresso · 45 Fossgate

Spring Espresso is home to some of the tastiest coffees everrrrr. With a chilled atmosphere, and lattes the Library Café just can’t keep up with – thanks but no thanks –  it’s practically asking for students to experience the splendour.

Those feeling deflated by soul-destroying word counts, fear no more. You’ve wrote an applaudable 500 words (of your dissertation), reward yourself with one of Spring’s tdf sandwiches. At £6 a sandwich, you know you’re getting some good shit, but don’t be fooled when they say “all sandwiches come with crisps and salad”. 3 Paprika Pringles – nu uh.

Date vibes? So not vibey enough for a Tinder date, but take le beau/gal anyday or catch up with friends.

Overall: Sick latte art, Insta worthy, laptop friendly. You’re bound to get some work done.

* * * *

Fossgate Social · 25 Fossgate

The ultimate home to the edgy Instagram pic, absolutely no filter needed. The Fossgate Social, an authentic and eclectic café by day, and bohemian bar at night. The Earl Grey teas are a gift from God. You’d be an idiot if you didn’t get a cake (the Coconut and Lime is the fire). You’ll find elderly ladies drinking G&T’s, to which you’ll want to ditch your Philosophy essay and join them, accepting that Aristotle is synonymous with Satan.

Grab yourself a window seat so you can smile at the happy souls of Fossgate and remember that civilisation is just a window pane away. Very friendly atmosphere (note: sympathetic staff).

1 HUNNA % Dateworthy. Impress.

Overall: Wahoo they have plugs! £1.40 for a brew as well (eat that Costa).

* * * * *

Brew & Brownie · 5 Museum Street

King’s Manor may be idyllic and the perfect zone to revise, but take yourself off to Brew & Brownie and you’ll rediscover the meaning of idyllic. Their triple chocolate brownies are the best incentives ever to work, and the halloumi and grilled pepper sandwiches deserve high praise. With a relaxed, yet bustling environment, just opposite the Museum Gardens, Brew & Brownie evokes a little euphoria, in the face of a staggering workload. Brownies are our last hope.

Cute date vibes as it’s bustling with life, so there’s never any awkward silence.

Overall: Slightly more expensive at £2.50 for a latte, but incredibly easy to get lost in your work for a few hours in this neat artisan cafe.

* * * * *

The Perky Peacock · Lendal

Hidden under the Lendal Bridge towards the Station, the Perky Peacock offers a unique experience, located in a Medieval Tower. With a small seating area, large sofas, and an excellent assortment of cakes and bacon sandwiches, it’s perfect to resign yourself to a few hours of study. It’s also got some cheeky merch too. Love cheeky merch.

Perhaps a bit too intimate for a date vibe, with only four or five tables inside, so you’ll be lucky to grab a seat.

Overall: A rustic feel with views of the Ouse, return to the Middle Ages with a killer cloudy lemonade. And don’t forget to get a canvas bag.

* * * *

Burr · 5 Lendal

Burr offers a more restaurant-y feel to your studying experience. But don’t walk away yet – an English Lit essay can be digested a lot better with a Mediterranean sharer (and they gave us a mountain of extra bread YAAAAH CARBS). With a modern, open-yet-quiet ambience, Burr provides a space of relaxation whilst working. Plus there’s an amazing smell when you walk in that beats halls kitchens any day. Farewell singed nose hairs.

Perfect for day dates over a coffee, and if things go well, you get that sharer board.

Overall: Hidden in a corner opposite Zizzis, Burr is a burrilliant find (lol).

* * * *

Bison · Heslington Road

Ice. Coffee. For. Dayyyys. Bison Ice Coffees absolutely destroy Starbucks, their toasties are pretty damn fine, and they even have their own Vintage Store. Slay. Bison supplies the fine goods and an authentic atmosphere. The window seat is everyone’s target, and in winter you can watch second and third years drown waiting for the 66 that never comes.

Perhaps more of a casual catch up with an old friend rather than a lover, as the seating is limited.

Overall: Small, but cute. Don’t forget to buy one of their cafetieres, and if you don’t know what that is, you’re not doing your degree right.

* * * * *