iPhone owners are going crazy at Barclays on Twitter

They’re angry that Barclays won’t support Apple Pay

In the definition of first world problems, people with phones that cost well over £500 are very angry that Barclays won’t give them another way to spend their huge amounts of money.

In what I can only assume was a break from swimming in their huge Scrooge McDuck-ian vault of gold, people on Twitter have been getting very angry about Barclays Bank not supporting Apple Pay, a system that allows people with more money than UCAS points to spend it with their phones. The service launched in the UK in July 2015, but Barclays tried to tell people to use a dorky wristband instead of their iPhones and Apple Watches, some of which are literally made of gold.

Ugh. This is like the modern equivalent of mullets.

Barclays have been promising to adopt Apple pay since then, and, as of now haven’t. But in January 2016 the CEO promised that the service would be supported no later than March 27th, and as that deadline came and went, people got pissed.

And I mean pissed.

Insults were thrown.

And the righteous fury of the English was unleashed:

But then there was light at the end of the tunnel!

Adding your card brought up the Terms and Conditions! But then the worst happened:

And people started taking the nuclear option: switch banks.

Then this humanitarian catastrophe somehow got worse:

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Barclays postponed to the end of May. When will the carnage end?!

Throughout, Barclays have remained silent. But people are still out there, relentlessly trying to find more and more convenient ways to spend their inheritance and fill the void in their life.

N.B. The author is an owner of a pink iPhone 6s and banks with Barclays. He is fully aware of the irony.