Best of Yik Yak

This is for those of you who haven’t made it to Clubbers of the Week yet

Ducks, Courtyard and International Women’s Day sparked mass debate and one can only assume anyone not involved was doing some mass debating of their own.

Here follows the best and the rest found on Yik Yak this week. Enjoy.

Yes that’s fine mum but I’m in the library right now, can I call you back?


I nearly missed my deadline because of this


It’s a minefield out there


Deliciously savage and just so fair


They use mystery to distance themselves from the likely appalling exam scripts that you will receive in the summer



Those “come to bed” eyes


Taliban caught checking the IWD hashtag and agree to immediate cease fire


Since the beginning of time, memes have been consistently marginalised by society. This ends today.


I think they have a cream for that


This pissed quite a lot of people off. Not sure why though…


Anyone who calls it sexual activity clearly isnt getting much/any of it


From the deluge of shit, Yik Yak can produce some sound arguments


A pingu reference can make a yak