Clubbers of the week: Elections edition

These are the only awards you actually care about

This week soggy cardboard has taken over campus, we have all learned the words to Beth Cash’s election video and someone said something about starving Ethiopians during her election acceptance speech.

Despite these departures from the norm, like creatures of habit, we have returned to our favourite watering holes across town. Here are a selection of the good, the bad and the really really weird.

Hotties of the week


*round of applause*

Runners up

Hotties 2

For the sake of gender equality

Heroes of the week

Best teenage past time

Can I trade my Willian for your Routledge?

Creep of the week

Creep of the week

This guy will be on Watchdog by the end of the week…

Most intense facial expression

Creep 2

I feel he is looking into my soul

Donald Trump lookalike of the week

Donald Trump lookalike

Is that hair real?

Secret lovers of the week

Secret lovers of the week

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet

Best use of ‘wet-look’ hair gel

Best use of 'wet look' hair gel

He loves his Brylcreem

Kinkiest clubber


Ready for Valentine’s

Most impressed with her recently shaven armpits

Most impressed with her recently shaven armpits

‘Hmm, they’re so silky’

Least thought out campaign slogan

What does beevor give adam?

What does Beevor give Adam?

Shadow puppetry of the week

Hand puppet of the week

‘I can make a really good dog’

Cultural appropriation of the week

Cultural appropriation of the week

Its Bollywood D all over again

Painfully smug person of the week


You have poured a whole drink on yourself. You have absolutely no reason to be smug

Lone wolf of the week

Hitler fan of the week

His spirit animal is definitely a coyote

Least able to cope with gravity

Least capable of coping with gravity

When the trebles finally hit