What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen at a house party?

Who hasn’t fallen asleep in a pile of their own sick?

House parties provide a hedonistic cocktail of alcohol and intimacy, the perfect backdrop for you to lose all your inhibitions. You wake up the next morning with a heavy head, full of regret at the shameful and embarrassing things you did the night before.

We asked people to share with us the weird and wonderful things they’ve seen at house parties.

Tuva, first year, Social and Political Sciences

Once I was at a party and saw an incredibly drunk guy put a joint in his mouth the wrong way round. It was evidently his first time trying one and he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. After struggling with it for a bit he ended up spitting out a load of ash on to the floor and later threw up all over the kitchen.

Mason, first year, Computer Science

We once convinced a lad at a party that he’d taken ecstasy. He hadn’t, but panicked, freaked out and danced nonstop for three hours.

Catalina, first year, Biology

At a house party I was talking to a guy who told me that he always steals a shower gel at every house party he goes to. This turned out to be true later on when I caught him running down the street clutching my shower gel like it was his final year dissertation with a mad look in his eye.

Harri, first year, Politics

I saw someone at a house party unplug a sink which had been blocked with vomit, by rolling up their sleeves and plunging their arm in.

Also I’ve encountered an experience where a girl was so out of it at a party that she ended up wiping her own poo over the front door.

Natasha, first year, Biology

I once encountered a strange scene where a goose found its way into the kitchen at a uni party. It walked around for a bit and then went back out the door unaffected.

Charlie, first year, Physics and Astrophysics

At one party I went to people were snorting salt and chilli powder. The host’s dad came downstairs and very nearly kicked everyone out because he thought people were doing drugs, when in reality we were just snorting random seasonings for no reason.